PRO-AT Privacy Policy

When registering for our newsletters or during the commercial process of acquiring our products and services you leave behind data, which may contain personal information. We save and secure this data with great care. In this privacy policy we are transparent on what data we collect and use, and for what purpose.

When processing your data we adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and although you can use our services as a corporate entity, please note that corporate data does not fall under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This policy is therefore primarily intended for those who use our services as a private individual.

The last changes to this Privacy Policy were made on 24-05-2018.

1.         Collection of personal data

To use any of our products and services you will need to register for an account first. After registration we save any personal data provided by you and tie them to an internal customer ID. We save these details for billing purposes, to be able to deliver a service and to provide support when needed.

1.1.  Information requests

During the sign-up of our email newsletters we ask you for:

  • First and/or last name, to personalize our newsletters
  • Email address, to be able to send you our newsletters

1.2.  Creating an account

We collect the following information when you enter a commercial phase with Perf-iT (to send out proposals, offers and invoices):

  • First and last name, so we know who we’re doing business with.
  • Email address and personal phone number, so we can contact you by email when needed
  • Company details
  • Phone numbers, so we can contact you by phone when needed.
  • Primary address, so we can contact you by post when needed.
  • Billing address, in case you’d like us to send our invoices to a different address.

1.3.  Contacting us

We collect the following information when you contact us by email:

  • Your email address
  • The information provided by you in the email

We collect the following information when you contact us by phone:

  • Your phone number

2.        Usage of personal data

The information that we collect is used for various purposes. Below we describe how we use your data and for what purposes.

2.1.  Customer service

Whenever you contact us for service related topics your submitted information will be saved and archived in our secured self hosted ticket system. Firstly we do this so we can answer and process your request, and secondly to be able to properly help you in the future. We also use this information for invoicing the delivered services, if required.

2.2.  Delivering a service

Some of the services that we provide require your personal information, such as login information or login procedures.

2.3.  Billing

In order to keep providing our services for many years to come, we have to charge for the usage of them.

We also might share personal data with our collection agency (DAS Incasso) when an invoice is past its due date. If no payment has been made after several reminders, the collection agency takes over. When the requirements are met, DAS Incasso receives the following information from us:

  • First and last name
  • Primary address or billing address
  • Invoices that we sent
  • Communication that we sent

2.4.  Spam filtering

In order to deflect unwanted email such as spam from your inbox and to prevent outgoing spam message being sent from our platform, we make use of a self hosted spam filter from SpamExperts. This system scans ingoing and outgoing email and filters them accordingly on malicious content.

When you as a user manually marks a message as spam, then this is shared with the supplier of the spam filter to increase the effectiveness of the filter.

2.5.  Sending quotations

When contacting our sales department for more information we may send you a proposal or quotation.

These may include the following personal information:

  • First and last name
  • Primary address
  • Email address

2.6.  External communication

When using our services, we like to keep you up to date regarding the service(s) you have running, inform you of news about Perf-iT that we think you shouldn’t miss and how you can get the most out of your products.


We offer a newsletter for those that are interested in what we’re up to. The email address that you provide when you place an order or register a Perf-iT account is automatically added to our list of subscribers. You can, however, subscribe and unsubscribe at any given time.

We use Mailchimp® as our partner for email-marketing. Each newsletter or other marketing related email messages have the option to change your settings or unsubscribe from the list.

2.7.  Internal communication

Internally we use various tools to communicate and keep track of our progress for certain projects. We try to use email as much as possible when sharing personal information internally, however, this may not always be the case.

2.8.  Fraud and abuse

In case there is suspicion or evidence of fraud or abuse, we may be required to disclose personal data to the relevant authorities.

3.         Third party tracking

We make use of various trackersto help improve the user experience of our websites or to aid us in our marketing activities.

On our websites we use the following trackers:

3.1.  Google Analytics

On all of our websites we use Google Analytics to track the duration of a visit, the physical location of a visitor and which page(s) a visitor has checked. It basically tells us what’s happening on our website.

Google Analytics is installed on the following – All pages

  • – All pages
  • – All pages

For more information on how Google collects and uses this data, then please review Google’s Privacy Policy.

3.2.  Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

On some of our pages we use Google Adwords Conversion Tracking. This helps us measure the performance of our advertisements when someone enters a search query on Google and clicks on one of our ads. This way we can determine the success of our advertising efforts.

The Google Adwords conversion pixel is installed on the following pages:

  • – All pages
  • – All pages

For more information on how Google collects and uses this data, then please review Google’s Privacy Policy.

3.3.  LinkedIn Advertising

We use LinkedIn advertising to be able to reach out to persons that we expect to be interested in our line of activities.

For more information on how LinkedIn collects and uses this data, then please review Linkedin’s Privacy Policy.

4.        Third party data sharing

Pro-AT does NOT share personal data with anyone unless we have the explicit consent to do so, or being forced by the authorities. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any given time.

5.        Security

We employ several security measures to minimize the risk of abuse and unauthorized access to personal data. We comply with current best practices and security standards and our compliance is frequently evaluated.

6.        Changes in this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. The last modification date is shown at the top of this document. When significant changes have been made we will notify you by email, our website or any of our control panels. However, we recommend checking this policy regularly to be aware of any potential changes.

7.        Accessing and modifying your data

You can always contact us for questions regarding our Privacy Policy or requests for access and modifying (including the removal of) your personal data.